Managed IT Services and Cloud Computing

We will remotely monitor your systems and repair issues before they escalate

We'll reduce your liability by implementing cloud storage

We can provide an easy, reliable, secure backup

We will work with your budget to meet your needs at a price that works for you

We can provide peace of mind knowing your network and data is secure

Nuvex Solutions is a full business-to-business managed IT services like cloud computing, security and maintenance firm for your computer network. We understand that by the time something has broken and you have called a local IT solutions company to fix it, office productivity has already been lost. This is why we provide managed IT support services that monitor your computer network remotely and diagnose problems before they escalate.


Instead of waiting for something to break, we use a proactive approach to ensure your systems are always running properly, and we can fix small problems before they become bigger issues. Regardless of whether you are a small business or a larger enterprise, Nuvex Solutions develops a wide range of custom solutions for your brand.


Nuvex Solutions monitors your systems throughout the course of the business day. Using cloud services, Nuvex will manage your entire network. We offer remote monitoring, cloud computing, cloud internet storage, data backup, cloud-based antivirus, and much more. All these are designed to take the guesswork out of the safety and security of your systems. Our software can report issues remotely to our network as soon as they happen and alert us to the problem.



What is Cloud Storage and Managed IT Services?


Cloud storage means that all of your data is stored on the internet on what’s called the cloud. A network of computers hosted at our datacenter can protect your data much better than a host of antivirus programs and rudimentary security protocols. The data is then accessible to your network via the internet.


Managed IT support services generally refers to a remote system of experts who manage your network’s security, software, and hardware issues. In our case, Nuvex Solutions provides some of the most innovative cutting edge technologies available to monitor your systems for suspicious activity, software issues, and hardware malfunctions.


Utilizing both cloud storage systems and managed IT support services, Nuvex Solutions is able to expertly catch and terminate processes that are deemed to be suspicious or malicious from knowledgeable individuals, or hackers. We can diagnose issues and ensure that all your PCs and laptops are operating at maximum efficiency. We also employ skilled programmers who use cloud-based solutions for increased productivity for your office, all of which does not require a significant investment on your part to get started. Nuvex Solutions can streamline your processes, saving your company valuable time and money!



Advantages of Cloud Based Antivirus Software


While it may seem counterintuitive to run antivirus software from a cloud, cloud based antivirus software is the cutting edge of computer security. In fact, it has several significant advantages over traditional business to business antivirus solutions.


Cloud-Based Antivirus Identifies Malicious Code


A cloud based antivirus operates on lightweight agent software that is hosted locally on your machine. The agent software runs analysis on files based on suspicious behaviours a file might take, such as editing important local files on your network, creating executable files, or manipulating the registry. Furthermore, the server looks for malicious actions taken by the file. This can include opening a port through the internet to another computer or a network (acting as a server), sending out a lot of emails all at once, or attempting to create a number of new files all at the same time. All of these are examples of red flags that can cause future issues for your company, and we understand how to recognize them. When the agent software sees that a computer program has performed a suspicious action, it then runs a full analysis on the software.


In order to know the advantages of this, let’s first talk about how a typical antivirus program operates. A typical antivirus software is stored on your computer and it gets updates from a server to the virus definition file every time someone decides to make a new form of malware or new virus. When a program is run or created, the antivirus software then compares and contrasts the code to the virus definitions in its own database. If the code in the program is similar to that in the database, then it identifies the program as a virus. While this is good for a series of obvious attacks, consider the fact that the virus definition file is constantly updating itself. That means that you will not be protected the latest viruses until your software has updated. Furthermore, skilled individuals or hackers would not necessarily rely on rehashed code in order to attack target networks.


It is also far less efficient to go through every piece of code to identify malicious bits of code. This does not prevent viruses and malware from attaching themselves to well-known programs such as Word, QuickBooks, or other common accounting software that a company uses on a day-to-day basis.


Cloud-Based Antivirus Requires Less Resources


A cloud-based antivirus does not require very many system resources, which is one of the reasons this type of protection is considered very new, cutting-edge technology. This is also why this type of network protection is becoming more and more popular. Cloud computing and cloud storage solutions are especially needed in this day and age.


The software that Nuvex Solutions provides runs on a lightweight agent that analyzes your data from a remote location. Because the software is smaller than a traditional antivirus, there is less “surface area” for the malware to attack. A smaller size translates into a more slippery target!


Consider how traditional antivirus software runs a very large program in your computer’s memory and eats up a great deal of RAM and CPU. When a suspicious program runs, it immediately begins scanning it against a massive database file to determine whether or not it is a potential virus. Not only is this method inefficient, but it ends up slowing down the terminal you are working on,
eating up system resources, and causing an interruption to the tasks it
Managed-IT-cloud-computing needs to perform.


So let’s say that a hacker recognizes the fact that you are using cloud-based antivirus software and decides the only way to infiltrate your system is by temporarily cutting off your cloud internet connection. This individual would be facing many problems. First of all, our antivirus software is able to recognize malicious behaviours and kill processes before they do damage, and attempting to disable or otherwise attack the agent software is itself flagged as a malicious behaviour. Because of this, Nuvex Solutions is able to prevent this action before it occurs. More than that, by cutting off your connection to the internet, the hacker would simultaneously be cutting of his connection to your data.

This effectively keeps your company network safe and secure.



Cloud Storage Effectively Backs Your Data


Consider the fact that if something goes awry with your systems. Your data, which is already effectively stored on the cloud, will not be troubled in the slightest by network issues. Furthermore, as soon as data is entered into the database, the database is instantly updated in the cloud. And just in case something goes wrong, Nuvex Solutions also provides backups of all your data, just in case!



The Advantages of Remote Monitoring Managed IT Support Services and Cloud Support


The remote monitoring of your computer network and hardware goes well beyond scanning for viruses. It means allowing problems to get fixed before they escalate. If something has gone wrong with your hardware, such as a hard drive acting up, our remote monitoring system will be able to identify the problem and alert us immediately.


Why is this better?


Consider first how many businesses choose to handle this problem. First, they go about their daily work. Then, their computer begins behaving oddly, poorly, slowly, or something else seems amiss. Shortly after, they realize there is a serious problem. Then, they call an IT professional to come and take a look at the issue. After an inspection, it is determined what the problem is and how it will be fixed.


Instead, Nuvex Solutions has a remote monitoring system that can cut this entire process down significantly. If there is a software issue, we can see it and most likely correct it remotely. If there is a hardware issue, by the time we get to your office in Lethbridge, Alberta, we already know what’s wrong. This means less downtime with very little loss of productivity. Nuvex Solutions has cut everything down to just one or two simple steps!


In many instances this means more than just a more efficient process for your company. Computers are like most complex machines. The earlier you catch a problem, the more likely it is that you will prevent an even larger one.



Custom Solutions for Your Business Needs


Personalized is always better! Nuvex Solutions prides ourselves not only on being computer experts, but efficiency experts as well. Our consulting team can take a look at how your day-to-day functions operate and offer personalized suggestions to streamline your company’s workflow. Many offices work with proprietary software that requires a significant commitment to data entry and record keeping. In fact, many times the same data is being entered into multiple programs by different employees. Nuvex Solutions can either create custom software to streamline this process considerably, or develop code for your specific needs that integrate the software you already work with in order to reduce redundancies that exist, especially in data entry.


Depending on your business’ needs, we can develop personalized approaches to hardware, networks, software, and storage. While internet-based cloud storage is one of our key services, if you are more comfortable hosting the data locally, we can work with you and develop a solution that effectively meets your individual requirements.


Nuvex Solutions can also work with smaller businesses that are working on a modest budget. This can either entail making upgrades to your computer framework bit by bit, or coming up with solutions that scale down without losing their efficacy. Companies within any industry can benefit from our expertise and approach to modern computing.



Nuvex Solutions Modernizes Your Workspace


IT Support and maintenance has come a long way even in the last few years. Cloud computing, remote monitoring and cloud-based antivirus software are all cutting edge technologies that greatly increase the competence and security of your business. In the case of cloud storage, the liability for protection falls to the security firm that protects it. By taking this responsibility on ourselves, we provide our clients with solutions that work. This is key to our business model because it takes much of the stress out of the equation for you and your company.


While your data is stored on our end, your computers are protected using state-of-art cloud based monitoring and antivirus software that restructures the process of seeking out and interrupting malicious processes. The monitoring software provides real time diagnostics and analysis to ensure that your software and hardware are running properly and without a hitch.

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Cloud support and remotely managed IT support services take the burden of dealing with random failures of computers off of your team and places that job squarely on our shoulders. As specialists in the industry, it is our goal to provide the best possible service at an affordable rate. We can update your workflow, reduce your software expenditure, and provide computer and laptop repair without costing you productivity. Nuvex Solutions offers a wide range of solutions that are fully customized to your specific organizational needs.


Not only do we offer cloud computing advantages, cloud storage solutions, and antivirus protection, Nuvex Solutions can do custom programming, website design, and graphic design for your business. Contact one of our friendly representatives to see how we can improve your web presence and promotional materials today.


At Nuvex Solutions, we deliver fully customized IT services to your organization's unique set of requirements. All of our managed IT cloud solutions are based on an assessment of your network. Our certified computer repair technicians are waiting to help you. Feel free to give us a call at (403) 381-8184 for your assessment today.

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